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Year 1907 (MCMVII) was a common year starting on Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar (or a common year starting on Monday of the 13-day-slower Julian calendar).

Events of 1907


* January
**The British steamship ''Pengwern'' founders in the North Sea; the crew and 24 men are lost.
**The ''Prinz Waldemar'' (Hamburg-American line) runs aground at Kingston, Jamaica, after an earthquake; 3 lives are lost.
* January 1Daniel J. Tobin becomes president of the Teamsters, beginning a 45-year presidency.
* January 6Maria Montessori opens her first school and daycare center for working class children in Rome (''Casa dei Bambini'' in San Lorenzo).
* January 14 – An earthquake in Kingston, Jamaica kills more than 1,000.
* January 21 – The author, editor and journalist, Bertram Fletcher Robinson died aged 36 years and 153 days in London.
* January 23Charles Curtis from Kansas becomes the first Native American U.S. Senator.

* January 26 – The Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk III is officially introduced into British Military Service, and remains the oldest military rifle still in official use.
*February 11 – The French warship ''Jean Bart'' sinks off the coast of Morocco.
* February 7- The ''Mud March'', the first large procession organized by the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS), takes place in London.
* February 12 – The steamship ''Larchmont'' collides with the ''Harry Hamilton'' in Long Island Sound; 183 lives are lost.
* February 21 – The English mail steamship ''Berlin'' is wrecked off the Hook of Holland; 142 lives are lost.
* February 24 – The Austrian Lloyd steamship ''Imperatrix'', from Trieste to Bombay, is wrecked on Cape of Crete and sinks; 137 lives are lost.


* March
**The steamship ''Congo'' collides at the mouth of the Ems River with the German steamship ''Nerissa''; 7 lives are lost.
**The French warship ''Jena'' is blown up at Toulon; 120 lives are lost.
**The 1907 Romanian Peasants' Revolt breaks out.
* March 5 – The new State Duma opens in St. Petersburg, Russia; 40,000 demonstrators have to be dispersed by Russian troops.
* March 1516 – The parliamentary elections in Finland are the first in the world with woman candidates, as well as the first elections in Europe where universal suffrage is applied.
* March 18 – The first and only train robbery in Sweden (as of 2004) occurs.
* March 22 – The first taxicabs with taxi meters begin operating in London.

* April – The April 1907 issue of ''Good Housekeeping'' Magazine displays the cover price ''One Dollar a Year'' (under the title).
* April 7Hershey Park opens in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
* April 11 – At Porto Cortez, Honduras, the only war vessel of Honduras, the gunboat ''Ta Tumbla'', steams into the harbor flying the American flag and surrenders with a white flag, when the Nicaraguan gunboat ''San Jacinto'' steams out to meet her.
* April 18 – The USS ''Kansas'' (BB-21), a ''Connecticut''-class battleship, is commissioned.


* May 7 – Seattle film maker William Harbeck sets up a camera at the front of a B.C. electric streetcar and films the downtown streets of Vancouver, British Columbia. Pieces of the film, the earliest surviving of the city, have disappeared, only about 7 minutes remain.
* June 1Colin Blythe takes 17 wickets for 48 runs against Northamptonshire at Northampton in one day. It is the best analysis ever recorded for a county cricket match (or for a single day's bowling), and not bettered in first-class cricket until 1956.
* June 5Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha, a sect of Hinduism, is established by Swami Yagnapurushdas.
* June 11George Dennett, aided by Gilbert Jessop, dismisses Northamptonshire for 12 runs, the lowest total in first-class cricket.
* June 15 – The Second Hague Peace Conference is held.


* July – The steamship ''Columbia'' sinks off Shelton Cove, California, in collision with the steamship ''San Pedro''; 50 lives are lost.
* July 6 – Guardians of the Irish Crown Jewels notice that they have been stolen.
* July 19 – The Turkish sport club Fenerbahce is founded.
* July 25Korea becomes a protectorate of Japan.
* August 19Baden-Powell leads the first Scout camp on Brownsea Island, England.
* August 15 – Ordination in Constantinople of Fr. Raphael Morgan, first African-American Orthodox priest, "Priest-Apostolic" to America and the West Indies.
* August 17Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington officially opens for business.
* August 24August 31 – The International Anarchist Congress of Amsterdam meets in the Netherlands.
* August 28UPS is founded by James E. (Jim) Casey in Seattle, Washington.
* August 31 – Count Alexander Izvolsky and Sir Arthur Nicolson sign the St. Petersburg Convention, which results in the establishment of the Triple Entente.


* September 7 – The new passenger liner ''RMS Lusitania'' makes its maiden voyage from Liverpool, England to New York City.
* September 22 – The transatlantic passenger ship ''Princess Yolanda'' sinks during its launch.
* September 26New Zealand and Newfoundland become dominions.
* October – A committee of the Delegation for the Adoption of an International Auxiliary Language, made up of academics including Otto Jespersen, Wilhelm Ostwald and Roland Eotvos meet in Paris to select a language for international use. The committee ultimately decides to reform Esperanto.
* October 17Guglielmo Marconi initiates commercial transatlantic radio communications between his high power longwave wireless telegraphy stations in Clifden Ireland and Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.
* October 24 – A major American financial crisis is averted when J. P. Morgan, E. H. Harriman, James Stillman, Henry Clay Frick, and other Wall Street financiers create a $25,000,000 pool to invest in the shares on the plunging New York Stock Exchange, ending the bank panic of 1907.
* October 27Černová tragedy: Fifteen people are shot during the consecration of the Catholic Church in Slovakia.


* November 7 – ΔΣΠ (Delta Sigma Pi) (a co-ed professional business fraternity) is founded at the School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, New York University, New York, New York.
* November 16Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory become Oklahoma, which is admitted as the 46th U.S. state.
* The new & largest passenger liner ''RMS Mauretania'' makes its maiden voyage from Liverpool, England to New York City.
* December 6Monongah Mining Disaster: A coal mine explosion kills 362 workers in Monongah, West Virginia.
* December 19 – An explosion in a coal mine in Jacobs Creek, Pennsylvania kills 239.
* December 31 – The first electric ball drops in Times Square.


* The ''Diamond Sutra'' of 868, a Buddhist scripture later dated as earliest example of block printing, is discovered in the Mogao Caves.
* The triode thermionic amplifier invented by Lee DeForest, starting the development of electronics as a practical technology.
* The ''Autochrome Lumière'' is the first commercial color photography process.
* The first parliamentary elections are held in the Philippines.
* The Adlon Hotel is finished in Berlin.
* The Moine Thrust Belt in Scotland becomes the first thrust belt to be discovered in the world.
* The Lockport Powerhouse is built.
* James Murray Spangler invents the first Hoover vacuum cleaner.
* The Finnish epic ''Kalevala'' is published for the second time in English, this time by William Forsell Kirby.


*Herero and Namaqua Genocide in German South-West Africa (modern Namibia).



* January 2Ray Milland, Welsh actor (d. 1986)
* January 12Sergei Korolev, Russian rocket scientist (d. 1966)
* January 18Lina Haag, German WWII resistance fighter
* January 20Paula Wessely, Austrian actress (d. 2000)
* January 22Dixie Dean, English football player (d. 1980)
* January 23Hideki Yukawa, Japanese physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1981)
* February 1Günter Eich, German writer (d. 1972)
* February 12Clifton C. Edom, American photojournalism educator (d. 1991)
* February 13Katy de la Cruz, Filipino singer (d. 2004)
* February 15
**Jean Langlais, French composer and organist (d. 1991)
**Cesar Romero, American actor (d. 1994)
* February 17Buster Crabbe, American swimmer and actor (d. 1983)
* February 18Oscar Brodney, American screenwriter (d. 2008)
* February 21W. H. Auden, English poet (d. 1973)
* February 22
**Sheldon Leonard, American actor, writer, director, and producer (d. 1997)
**Robert Young, American actor (d. 1998)
* February 25Kathryn Wasserman Davis, American philanthropist
* February 27Mildred Bailey, American singer (d. 1951)


* March 8Constantine Karamanlis, Greek politician (d. 1998)
* March 9Mircea Eliade, Romanian religious historian and writer (d. 1986)
* March 12
**Dorrit Hoffleit, American astronomer (d. 2007)
**Arthur Hewlett, British actor (d. 1997)
* March 15Zarah Leander, Swedish actress and singer (d. 1981)
* March 16Hans Kleppen, Norwegian ski jumper (d. 2009)
* March 18John Zachary Young, English biologist (d. 1997)
* March 22Lucia dos Santos, Portuguese nun and visionary (d. 2005)
* March 23Daniel Bovet, Swiss-born scientist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1992)
* March 29"Braguinha", Brazilian songwriter (d. 2006)
* March 30Friedrich August Freiherr von der Heydte, German Luftwaffe officer (d. 1994)
* April 1 – Dr. Sree Sree Shivakumara Swamiji, Indian born social reformer
* April 11Ivor Spencer-Thomas, English farmer, entrepreneur and inventor (d. 2001)
* April 12Felix de Weldon, Austrian-born sculptor (d. 2003)
* April 13Harold Stassen, American politician (d. 2001)
* April 15Nikolaas Tinbergen, Dutch ornithologist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1988)
* April 18Bert Hazell, British politician (d. 2009)
* April 21Wade Mainer, American singer and banjoist
* April 23Fritz Wotruba, Austrian sculptor (d. 1975)
* April 24William Sargant, British psychiatrist (d. 1988)
* April 29
**Tino Rossi, French singer (d. 1983)
**Fred Zinnemann, Austrian director (d. 1997)


* May 1Oliver Hill, American lawyer (d. 2007)
* May 2Pinky Lee, American comedian (d. 1993)
* May 3Dorothy Young, American entertainer
* May 9Baldur von Schirach, Nazi official (d. 1974)
* May 11Rose Ausländer, German poet (d. 1988)
* May 12Katharine Hepburn, American actress (d. 2003)
* May 13 – Dame Daphne du Maurier, English author (d. 1989)
* May 14
**Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan (d. 1974)
**Johnny Moss, American poker player (d. 1995)
* May 22
**Hergé, Belgian comics author (d. 1983)
**Lord Laurence Olivier, English stage and screen actor and director (d. 1989)
* May 25U Nu, Burmese politician (d. 1995)
* May 26
**John Wayne, American actor (d. 1979)
**Rachel Carson, American environmental writer (d. 1964)
* May 30
**Elly Beinhorn, German pilot (d. 2007)
**Germaine Tillion, French anthropologist, member of French Resistance (d. 2008)
* June 1Frank Whittle, British jet engine developer (d. 1996)
* June 14
**Nicolas Bentley, British writer and illustrator (d. 1978)
**René Char, French poet (d. 1988)
* June 19Clarence Wiseman, Salvation Army general (d. 1985)
* June 23James Meade, English economist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1995)
* June 25J. Hans D. Jensen, German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1973)
* June 28 Franciszka Themerson, Polish, later British, artist and filmmaker (d. 1989)


* July 6Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter (d. 1954)
* July 7Robert A. Heinlein, American science fiction author (d. 1988)
* July 15Yang Shangkun, President of the People's Republic of China (d. 1998)
* July 16
**Barbara Stanwyck, American actress (d. 1990)
**Orville Redenbacher, American botanist and popcorn businessman (d. 1995)
* July 19Paul Magloire, President of Haiti (d. 2001)
* July 22Zubir Said, Singaporean composer of Singapore's national anthem (d. 1987)
* July 27
**Richard Beesly, British Olympic gold medal rower (d. 1965)
**Ross Alexander, American actor (d. 1937)
* August 2Mary Hamman, American writer and editor (d. 1984)
* August 7Albert Kotin, American painter (d. 1980)
* August 8Benny Carter, American musician (d. 2003)
* August 12Joe Besser, American comedian (d. 1988)
* August 13Viscount William Waldorf Astor, British politician (d. 1966)
* August 21Hy Zaret, American lyricist and composer (d. 2007)
* August 24Bruno Giacometti, Swiss architect
* August 31Augustus F. Hawkins, American politician and civil rights lawmaker (d. 2007)


* September 2Evelyn Hooker, American psychologist (d. 1996)
**Miriam Seegar, American actress
* September 3Loren Eiseley, American author (d. 1977)
* September 4Frances Griffiths, ''Cottingley Fairies'' girl (d. 1986)
* September 12
**Spud Chandler, American baseball player (d. 1990)
**Louis MacNeice, Northern Irish poet (d. 1963)
* September 15
**Jimmy Wallington, American radio personality (d. 1972)
**Fay Wray, Canadian-born actress (d. 2004)
* September 18
**Leon Askin, Austrian actor (d. 2005)
**Edwin McMillan, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1991)
* September 23Duarte Nuno, Duke of Braganza, Pretender to the throne of Portugal (d. 1976)
* September 26Bep van Klaveren, Dutch boxer (d. 1992)
* September 27Maurice Blanchot, French philosopher and writer (d. 2003)
* September 29
**Gene Autry, American actor, singer, and businessman (d. 1998)
**George W. Jenkins, American businessman (d. 1996)
*October 2
** Víctor Paz Estenssoro, President of Bolivia (d. 2001)
** Alexander R. Todd, Baron Todd, Scottish chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1997)
* October 5Mrs. Miller, American singer (d. 1997)
* October 6Francisco Gabilondo Soler, (d. 1990)
* October 9Lord Hailsham, British politician (d. 2001)
* October 15Varian Fry, American journalist and rescuer (d. 1967)
* October 19Roger Wolfe Kahn, American bandleader (d. 1962)
* October 28John Harold Hewitt, Irish poet (d. 1987)
* October 30Sol Tax, American anthropologist (d. 1995)


* November 4Draga Matkovic, German concert pianist
* November 10John Moore, British author (d. 1967)
* November 14
**Howard W. Hunter, American religious leader (d. 1995)
**Astrid Lindgren, Swedish children's writer (d. 2002)
**William Steig, American cartoonist (d. 2003)
* November 15Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, German aristocrat and military officer (d. 1944)
* November 16Burgess Meredith, American actor (d. 1997)
* November 18Compay Segundo, Cuban musician (d. 2003)
* November 18Gustav Nezval, Czech actor (d. 1998)
* November 23Run Run Shaw, Hong Kong media mogul
* November 26Ruth Patrick, American botanist
* November 27L. Sprague de Camp, American writer (d. 2000)
* November 28Alberto Moravia, Italian novelist (d. 1990)
* November 30Jacques Barzun, French born historian
* December 10Lucien Laurent, French footballer (d. 2005)
* December 12Roy Douglas, British composer
* December 15Oscar Niemeyer, Brazilian architect
* December 19Jimmy McLarnin, Irish-born boxer (d. 2004)
* December 22Peggy Ashcroft, British actress (d. 1991)
* December 23James Roosevelt, American businessman and politician (d. 1991)
* December 25Glenn McCarthy, American oil tycoon and businessman (d. 1988)
* December 27Johann Wilhelm Trollmann, German boxer (d. 1943)
*''date unknown''
**Rafael Godoy, Colombian composer (d. 1973)
**Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Egyptian singer and composer (d. 1991)
**Zhang Chongren, Chinese artist (d. 1998)
*''probable'' – Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah, King of Malaysia (d. 1979)



* January 14Hermann Iseke, German doctor (b. 1856)
* January 21Bertram Fletcher Robinson, English journalist, editor and author (b. 1870)
* January 31Timothy Eaton, Canadian department store founder (b. 1834)
* February 2Dmitri Mendeleev, Russian chemist (b. 1834)
* February 16
**Giosuè Carducci, Italian writer, Nobel laureate (b. 1835)
**Clémentine of Orléans, daughter of King Louis-Philippe of France (b. 1817)
* February 20Henri Moissan, French chemist, Nobel laureate (b. 1852)
* February 26C. W. Alcock, English footballer, journalist, and football promoter (b. 1842)
* March 10George Douglas-Pennant, 2nd Baron Penrhyn, industrialist (b. 1836)
* March 11Jean Casimir-Perier, President of France (b. 1847)
* March 19Thomas Bailey Aldrich, American poet and novelist (b. 1836)
* March 23Konstantin Pobedonostsev, statesman (b. 1827)
* April 23Alferd Packer, American cannibal (b. 1842)
* May 12Joris-Karl Huysmans, French author (b. 1848)
* May 26Ida Saxton McKinley, American First Lady (b. 1847)
* June 6J. A. Chatwin, English architect (b. 1830)
* June 25John Hall, Prime Minister of New Zealand (b. 1824)


* July 13Heinrich Kreutz, astronomer (b. 1854)
* AugustDinqinesh Mercha, empress consort of Ethiopia (b. 1815)
* August 3Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Irish-American Beaux-Arts sculptor (b. 1848)
* August 15Joseph Joachim, Austrian violinist (b. 1831)
* August 16James Hector, Scottish geologist (b. 1834)
* August 25Mary Elizabeth Coleridge, British poet and novelist (b. 1861)
* August 30
**Ilia Chavchavadze, Georgian writer and saint of the Georgian Orthodox Church (b. 1837)
**Richard Mansfield, Anglo-American actor (b. 1857)
* September 4Edvard Grieg, Norwegian composer (b. 1843)
* September 6Sully Prudhomme, French writer, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1839)
* September 9Ernest Roland Wilberforce, English bishop (b. 1840)
* September 19Jacob Morenga, Namibian rebel leader (b. c. 1875)
* November 16Robert I, Duke of Parma, last ruling Duke of Parma (b. 1848)
* November 28Stanisław Wyspiański, Polish writer, painter, and architect (b. 1869)
* December 8 – King Oscar II of Sweden (b. 1829)
* December 15Carola of Vasa, queen consort of Saxony (b. 1833)
* December 17Lord Kelvin, Irish-born physicist and engineer (b. 1824)
* December 21Klara Hitler, Austrian mother of Adolf Hitler (b. 1860)

Nobel Prizes

* PhysicsAlbert Abraham Michelson
* ChemistryEduard Buchner
* MedicineCharles Louis Alphonse Laveran
* LiteratureRudyard Kipling
* PeaceErnesto Teodoro Moneta, Louis Renault

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