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Azimut (company)

Azimut is an Italian yacht-manufacturing company based in Avigliana, in the province of Turin. It was established in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli.

The company started with sailing boat chartering, later developing into a large luxury yacht building industry. The first major work started with a contract at the ship-yard of Amerglass, a modern Dutch shipyard producing boats in fibreglass. The business developed quickly, adding the distribution of sailing boats, motorcruisers and finally motoryachts from different makers: British Powles, Westerly, and others.

The company currently owns Benetti, another luxury ship building company.

Yacht range

An Azimut yacht.
The company has a range of yachts between 39 feet and 116 feet. The largest yacht is the ''Azimut 116'' which can accommodate 12 people in 6 cabins.

Ship building

The headquarters site houses is a 100,000 square meter facility of offices and the factory, which can build 300 boats (of up to LOA) per year. Larger yachts are ordered from other, larger ship-yards in the world.


The company was established for boat chartering and continues to provide this service.

Source: Wikipedia