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List Of World Heritage Sites In Europe

This is a specific list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe. Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and the Caucasian and Siberian parts of Russia are included both in this list and in the list of sites in Asia. Overseas sites of France, the Netherlands, UK and Denmark are included here, but are also repeated in the geographically relevant lists. Kazakhstan, despite having a small portion lying in Europe is to be found under Asia, where both its world heritage sites are listed. Israeli sites are listed here, since the alternative "Arab States" grouping is politically unacceptable.

Sites marked with an asterisk (*) are also included on the List of World Heritage Sites in danger.

Transboundary sites

* Belfries of Belgium and France — shared between Belgium (mostly for the former ''Belfries of Flanders and Wallonia'') and France. Besides civic belfries, or buildings such as city halls that rather obviously may serve a similar purpose, the list includes:
Source: Wikipedia