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Moschino is an Italian fashion design house and manufacturer of women's, men's and children's fashion.


The brand was originally created in 1983 by the late Franco Moschino (1950-1994). Mr. Moschino and his fashion label became famous for his innovative, colorful - sometimes eccentric - designs, for his criticisms of the fashion industry and for his social awareness campaigns in the early 1990s. After Mr. Moschino's untimely death, Rossella Jardini, his former assistant, became creative director. The brand has been part of the Aeffe fashion group since 1999. In 2006, Moschino designed the outfits for the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino. Moschino also designed outfits for Kylie Minogue's 2005 Showgirl - The Greatest Hits Tour and Madonna's 2008 Sticky & Sweet Tour.


The brand consists of several labels: ''Moschino'' (women's and men's main line), ''Moschino Cheap and Chic'' (women's secondary line, created in 1988), ''Love Moschino'' (women's and men's diffusion line, known as ''Moschino Jeans'' from 1986 to 2008), in order of exclusivity. In addition, accessories, jewelry, perfume and cosmetics, and even jet helmets are sold under the Moschino brand. In Milan, Moschino is to open its own concept hotel in 2009, "Maison Moschino".


Signature Moschino stores are located in New York City, London, Rome, Milan, Capri, Berlin, Paris, Vilnius, Istanbul, Dnipropetrovsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Almaty, Dubai, Jeddah, Bahrain, Salmiya, Kuwait City, Doha (late 2009), Beijing, Nanjing and various stores-in-store in Asia.

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