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Pantheon may refer to:


* Pantheon (gods), the set of gods belonging to a particular mythology
* Pantheon, Rome, a temple to the gods of ancient Rome
* Any temple dedicated to an entire pantheon

Other buildings

* Panthéon, Paris, a church and burial place
* Pantheon, London, an 18th-century place of entertainment
* Pantheon of National Revival Heroes, a Bulgarian national monument and ossuary
* Pantheon, Moscow, a planned but uncompleted memorial tomb
* Pantheon Theatre, in Vincennes, Indiana
* National Pantheon, Portugal, a burial place
* National Pantheon of Venezuela, a burial place and former church
* National Pantheon of the Heroes, a Paraguayan national monument
* Mtatsminda Pantheon, a necropolis in Tbilisi, Georgia
* Panteón Nacional Román Baldorioty de Castro, a burial place in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Other uses

* Pantheon (Marvel Comics), a fictional organization
* ''Pantheon'' (Lone Star Press), a comic book series
* ''Pantheon'' (role-playing game), by Hogshead Publishing
* Pantheon Books, a publishing imprint
* ''Pantheon'', a book by Godfrey of Viterbo
* ''Pantheon'', an unreleased computer game by Frog City Software
* Pantheon, a group of robots in the ''Mega Man Zero'' series
*''The Pantheon'', a collection of written pieces compiled by Nikolay Karamzin

Source: Wikipedia