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Rome Metropolitan Area

satellite picture of the Rome metropolitan area
The Rome metropolitan area is the urban agglomeration centred around the city of Rome, the Italian capital, in Lazio, Italy.

The total land area of the extended metropolitan area is 3.089,24 kmĀ² with a population of 3.693.124, the third in Italy by population, the 69% of this coincides with the city of Rome (2.705.317). The density of the metropolitan area is 1.195 ab/kmĀ².

The metropolitan area is strictly statistical and does not imply any kind of administrative unity or function.


The Rome metropolitan area includes the city of Rome and 39 municipalities, the most important of these by population are Guidonia Montecelio, Aprilia, Latina, Fiumicino, Tivoli and Velletri, as shows the next table.


This table shows the main Italian metropolitan areas by population. The Rome metropolitan area is in the third place.

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