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Valentino can refer to:

Commonly refers to man. A colloquial term for a valentines date.


*Valentino Garavani, also known as Valentino, fashion designer
*Rudolph Valentino, an Italian-American silent film actor
*Jim Valentino, American comic book creator
*Lorenzo Tucker, known as the ''Black Valentino''
*Val Valentino, the Masked Magician
*Valentino, a member of reggaeton duo Magnate y Valentino
*Cesare Borgia, sometimes called Valentino
*Bobby Valentino, singer
*Valentino Rossi, Italian professional motorcycle racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion


*Valentino SpA, the clothing company founded by Valentino Garavani
*Valentino (1977 film) a 1977 film
*Valentino (album), an album by the band Weeping Tile
*Valentino, the Italian name for the duchy of Valentinois, now part of Valence, Drôme
*The Castello del Valentino in Turin, Italy
*Valentino (Beanie Baby), a Beanie Baby teddy bear produced by Ty, Inc. in honor of Valentine's Day

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