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Lasagna is a classic Italian pasta casserole dish which consists of alternate layers of pasta, soft cheese (such as Ricotta) or a cream sauce, and often a tomato sauce or a ragù (a meat and vegetable sauce).

The word ''lasagna'', which originally applied to a cooking pot, now simply describes the food itself.


Although the dish is generally believed to have originated in Italy, one theory is that the word "lasagna" comes from the Greek ''λάσανα'' (''lasana'') or ''λάσανον'' (''lasanon'') meaning "trivet or stand for a pot", "chamber pot". The Romans borrowed the word as "lasanum", in Latin, meaning "cooking pot". The Italians used the word to refer to the dish in which lasagna is made. Later the name of the food took on the name of the serving dish.

Another theory suggests that lasagna might come from Greek ''λάγανον'' (''laganon''), a flat sheet of pasta dough cut into strips.

A lasagna recipe was featured in the first cookbook ever written in England, leading to an urban legend that the dish originated in the British Isles.
The claim is dubious, in light of the much earlier Roman use of "lasanum".

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